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What About the Heart? Book


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*First edition of 25 copies*

Each book is signed, numbered and comes with a 6x4 postcard print.

Self-published with Format Editions November 2015
Designed by Andrew Pengilly
Softcover, 20 x 25 cm
22 photographs, 43 pages

'What About the Heart?' photo-book was recently shortlisted for the Bar Tur Photo book Award 2015


What About The Heart? offers a glimpse into the contemporary advances of technology in Japan, a niche of the Japanese robotics industry is driven by a philosophical pursuit to understand what it means to be human, and believe that making human robotics is the answer. In an interview with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro on the changing definitions of being human, I ask; “What about the heart?” he answers unaware of the abstract intentions of my question; “That is the easiest part; artificial hearts are very popular now. The liver is more difficult.”

In 2011, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro created his first robotic copy of himself. Through images, interview text and collected material, photographer Luisa Whitton documents and investigates the desires and consequences of creating your own robotic ‘self-portrait’.


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